Katie's Happy Clients

Katie keeps me focused

I’ve been working with Katie as my PT for just under two years now. I am very thankful to have such a lovely, caring and knowledgeable PT in my life. Katie keeps me focused and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her. My fitness is the best it’s ever been, I love the workouts set by Katie and training with her is always varied and tough, as it should be.

Katie has created a wonderful community of clients, we share food ideas, support each other and pick each other up if we feel down. Should anyone want a gym buddy then can use the FB group to arrange this. I am on an exciting journey always pushing myself and whilst I still have a way to go, I wouldn’t be able to do it or keep on track without KG Fitness.

Angela Streeter

Katie has taught me so much

I’ve always been a member of a gym but never really took it seriously enough to make a change to my body. However, since I started training with Katie just over a year ago, she’s motivated me to a brand new level and I’m definitely seeing the results. She’s taught me so much about technique and how to maximise each move within a workout.

The workouts are always so varied so you never get bored doing the same exercises- which is ideal for someone like me! It’s great to be part of a team with similar goals so that motivation is always reinforced whenever you’re having a day off track. The best part of training with KG is having friends and family notice how toned you’re looking…thanks Katie!!

Laura Cairns

I can’t recommend her enough

Working with Katie on my fitness has been great. she has been nothing but encouraging and supportive throughout. I joined up online to KG fitness 12 week shred with a great bunch of others. The support from the group as a whole has been motivational and fantastic-sharing meal ideas and inspirational passion alike. My goal for signing up was to remove the stubborn fat around my middle and to tone by building muscle and what I have achieved with Katie’s help has so far been far more than that.

Using weights and various bodyweight exercises my overall strength and fitness has improved in such a short space of time that I am able to perform exercises that I never would have done without her guidance and support. I have learnt so much from Katie she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions that you come up with. Her tips in nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear. Katie is energetic, committed and inspirational and I can’t recommend her enough.

Sammy Mitchell

I felt like I was stuck in a rut

Katie is a fantastic trainer both in the gym and in terms of nutrition. I started working with Katie around 10 months ago; I had been at my old gym for several years and felt like I was stuck in a rut both with training and nutrition. I use to do hours of cardio and minimal weight training. Katie has showed me that you don’t need to spends hours a day in the gym doing cardio and that weight training and a good diet is all you need. Katie offers fantastic guidance on nutrition and excellent workout plans which are tailored to your needs. Katie is so passionate about what she does and it really does give you inspiration to become a better version of yourself.   Katie is very personable and helps you achieve your goals no matter what they are. I would highly recommend working with Katie, who I now consider to be more that just a trainer but also a friend.

Michelle Parker

Katie is an inspiration

I have been training with Katie for last 7 months and she has helped me smash every goal I have wanted to achieve. She pushes you to your limit, she is constantly checking in to see if you’re ok and is always there when you need her. I started my first 12 week shred with her last year, when I signed up to do it I had no idea that 1. I was going to look and feel so good,  2. Meet some truly amazing people. She has taught me so much. Not only does she work hard to keep her clients happy she also works extremely hard to achieve her own goals. She is an inspiration.

Brogan Parkes

I can’t wait to see more changes to my physique

I joined the shred halfway through at 6 weeks, but my results in the short time have really surprised me and have spurred me on to continue this journey and lifestyle change for good. Katie has been fab and always available to listen to me and my queries, even if it’s just to vent when things get tough.

Katie being on her own journey as well as the face book support group has been so helpful and supportive to me. The tips, recipes, advice and encouragement have been invaluable. I can’t wait to see more changes to my physique. Thanks to Katie.

Lisa Bille

One of the best things I have ever done

Having done PT sessions and had Katie guide and advise me for over 3 months now has been one of the best things I’ve done! Katie has totally changed the way I look at food and supported me through changing myself for the better and ensuring I have a balanced, healthy diet. In fact I don’t even want to use the word diet – it’s a lifestyle change! I have support 24/7 and Katie will always help me work towards my goals! I couldn’t recommend KG Fitness enough!

Amie Tyler

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